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Hormone Balance

Hormones are chemicals within our bodies responsible for many things including the regulation of our metabolism, immune function, blood pressure, sugar levels, body temp, as well as re-growth and repair of damaged tissue. Each of us has about 60 trillion cells which must communicate properly with each other in order to carry out their intended functions. Hormones are the chemical messengers which transfer this information between our cells.

Traveling through the bloodstream, hormones are able to enter our cells via receptor sites, and "flip the switches" that control our growth and development, physical heath, and mental well-being.

Hormones accomplish their tasks through a delicate balancing act, working in harmony with each other at just the right levels. When these proportions are correct, the body responds with peak performance. When their balance is lost, however, a hormone deficiency or excess can cause health disorders, including a host of mental and physiological symptoms, and disease.